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Nov 9, 2018

How much sleep do we actually need? We dive into the science and history of sleep, and then try to reduce our sleep for a couple of weeks to see how bad it really is.

Learn more about insomnia, sleep apneas, and all sorts of sleep disorders and treatments/tips for adults and kids from actual experts on the A Better Night's Sleep podcast (made for the military, but good for everyone!).

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  • This episode was recorded in Snoqualmie and Olympia, and produced at Shiny Object studios using Audacity.
  • All research by Julie and Marc; all opinions are our own.
  • Our music, “Modern Problems” is by The Pleasure Kills

Thank you’s

Huge thanks to our listeners whose enthusiasm keeps us going! And to our spouses, children, and friends for putting up with us giving us feedback and contributing to the betterment of our show.